Peter Morin

Hungry Ghost, did you really think you could eat the heart of my culture?

european war. kings and queens. domination. crossing water. christopher columbus. removal of resources. manifest destiney. ruperts land. hudson’s bay company. bna act. indian act. courier du bois. whiskey. blankets. small pox. measles. buffalo massacres. treaties. starvation. small pox blankets. hanging Riel. settlement. residential schools. sixties scoop. forced sterilizations. murder and missing indigenous women.

Peter Morin is a Tahltan Nation artist, curator, and writer. In his artistic practice and curatorial work, Morin’s practice-based research investigates the impact zones that occur when Indigenous cultural based practices and western settler colonialism collide. This work is shaped by Tahltan Nation epistemological production and often takes on the form of performance interventions. Morin has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions including Team Diversity Bannock and the World’s Largest Bannock attempt, A return to the place where God outstretched his hand; 12 Making Objects AKA First Nations DADA at Open Space, Victoria; Peter Morin’s Museum at Satellite Gallery, Vancouver; and Ceremony Experiments 1 – 8 at Urban Shaman, Winnipeg. In addition to his object making and performance-based practice, Morin has curated exhibitions at the Museum of Anthropology, Western Front, Bill Reid Gallery, and Burnaby Art Gallery. In 2014, Peter was long-listed for the Sobey Art Prize. He currently holds a tenured appointment at OCAD University.